How can I apply to work with MSF?

MSF office in Russia cannot recruit staff to work in other missions abroad. Russian citizens who wish to become a member of our international staff can apply for recruitment in two MSF offices, depending on where the applicant lives — MSF Berlin for the Western part of the country or MSF Tokyo for the Eastern part. For more detailed information follow the links below.

The citizens of other countries can get information about recruitment here.

Who finances MSF?

More than 4.5 million individual donors around the world provide some 90 percent of our funding. This helps to ensure operational independence and flexibility. The remaining funds come from governments and international organisations.

Does MSF treat individuals?

No, MSF only provides help within the framework of its programmes and not to individuals. As a medical humanitarian organisation, we provide emergency help to populations in distress. The organisation only decides to set up a project when it identifies the situation as a humanitarian crisis. Decisions to open an aid programme in a certain country are solely based on an independent assessment of the population’s needs and not on any political, economic or religion related interest.

Does MSF accept donations?

MSF office in Russia cannot receive donations. You can make a donation to MSF via the following web page: http://www.msf.org/donate

Does MSF donate money?

No, MSF does not provide financial donations. In the framework of our programmes we always provide direct medical assistance to populations in need.